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The late movie star and glamour queen Elizabeth Taylor is known to have adopted Maria Burton Carson. Taylor and her fifth actor husband, Richard Burton, adopted Maria. They separated in 1964, but not before adopting her when she was three. Maria is a philanthropist and a fashion designer these days. 

Maria Burton Carson‘s life is a fantastic story. She was adopted by famous movie star Elizabeth Taylor and her husband, Richard Burton, when she was a little girl. Today, Maria is a successful fashion designer and a generous person who helps others. Let’s explore the incredible journey of Maria Burton Carson, which began with the famous stars of the past.

Quick Facts About Maria Burton Carson

Birthdate August 1, 1961
Full Name Maria Burton Carson 
Father Name Richard Burton (November 1925-August 1984)
Father Profession Actor 
Mother Name Elizabeth Taylor (Feb 27,1932 – March 23, 2011)
Mother Profession Actress 
Profession Celebrity daughter 
Nationality American 
Birth Country Germany 
Marital status Divorced 
Religion Christianity 
Spouse Steve Carson 
Horoscope Leo 
Lucky Number 8
Hair Colour Brown 
Eyes Colour Brown 
Ex-spousesDaniel Steve Carson and Tom McKeown 
Adoptive parents Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

How old was Maria Burton when she was adopted? 

Three years old, at the time of her parents’ 1964 divorce, she was adopted. She was placed for adoption when her hip deformity required many surgeries to correct. Before their divorce, her parents looked after her. 

What is Maria Burton doing for a living?

She is committed to advancing human well-being in both her humanitarian and fabric designer work. Experts in the entertainment business were her adoptive parents. Elizabeth Taylor started her acting career earlier in life. She rose to fame and received high compensation as a Hollywood movie star in the 1950s and 1960s. But, baritone Richard Burton was an incredible vocalist. He performed as Hamlet in 1964.

Relationships and marriage life

Maria made two attempts at marriage. But, she has not had an easy life in her marriage. She is a single woman residing in Idaho after her two marriages divorced. Daniel Steve Carson was the first husband she had. The ex-couple married the knot in a private ceremony on February 13, 1981.

In 1982, they were fortunate to have a baby girl named Elizabeth Carson. , the 19-year marriage terminated in divorce in 2000. She got married to Tom McKeown later in 2002. They were also fortunate to have Richard, a lively baby boy. 

Maria Burton Carson’s husband

Maria has been married twice, but both of her unions terminated in divorce. She is a single lady residing in Idaho as of April 2023. On February 13, 1981, she wed Daniel Steve Carson for the first time in a private ceremony.

Elizabeth Carson, the couple’s first child, was born in 1982. The couple divorced in 2000, a few months after the 19th birthday of Maria Burton Carson‘s daughter. Maria Burton and Tom McKeown exchanged vows two years later. Later on, the couple was blessed with a boy child. Still, the marriage ended in divorce as well.

Maria Burton Carson’s net worth

Maria Burton Carson

Maria has been married twice, but her marriages divorced in both cases. By April 2023, she will be a single woman living in Idaho. She married Daniel Steve Carson in a private ceremony on February 13, 1981.

The couple’s first child, Elizabeth Carson, was born in 1982. 2000, the couple separated shortly after their daughter, Maria Burton Carson, turned nineteen. Two years later, Maria Burton and Tom McKeown exchanged vows. The couple later had a son, who was a blessing. But, the marriage, too, ended in divorce.


Who is Maria Burton’s father?

Richard Burton is the father of Maria Burton.

When was Maria Burton born?

Maria Burton was born on August 1, 1961. 

Did Elizabeth Taylor adopt a child?

Taylor is the mother of three of her four children and adopted one.

Who was the love of Richard Burton’s life?

After a problematic initial face, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton fell in love on the Cleopatra set.

Is Maria Burton an actress?

Maria Burton is an actress, producer, and director from the United States.


In conclusion, Maria Burton Carson‘s life is inspiring. She was adopted by famous stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Today, she’s a fashion designer and helps others. She’s faced challenges in her two marriages but remains strong. Her story shows that background doesn’t define your future.

Maria Burton Carson‘s journey is about resilience and creativity. She overcame challenges and has made a positive impact through her fashion design and humanitarian work. Her story reminds us that everyone’s path is unique and full of potential for growth and positive change.

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