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Permed hair is a fun way to make straight hair curly! People use special chemicals to make the hair curly, which can last long. Permed hair can be bouncy or loose, depending on how someone wants it. Many people love permed hair because it gives them a new look and makes it exciting and curly. Taking care of permed hair is essential, too, to keep it looking great.

Have you ever wondered, “Can you bleach permed hair?” Well, let me tell you, bleaching permed hair can be a tricky business! Bleaching is like giving your hair a superpower makeover, making it lighter and brighter. But here’s the deal: permed hair needs extra love and care. Bleaching permed hair might make it feel like a dazzling sunshine explosion, but it’s crucial to be extra gentle to keep those curls happy and healthy. 

Understanding Permed Hair

Understanding Permed Hair

Permed hair is like a magic trick for your hair. It’s when you use unique stuff to make your hair all curly and wiggly. Imagine your hair getting into a fun dance, like a happy snake. People do this to have fabulous curls and make their hair look different. The magic happens with special liquids and rollers. You put them in your hair, and ta-da! Your hair turns curly. It’s like turning plain paper into a fantastic, twisty artwork. People love curly hair because it’s like giving their hair a curly hug.

Here’s the scoop: curly hair stays like a happy secret. But, like all secrets, you need to take care of it. It’s like having a special pet that needs love. You wash it gently and use extraordinary things to keep the curls bouncy. Permed hair is like a new friend; when you understand it, you can make it the happiest friend ever! Curly high-fives all around! 

What is the Perming Process

Perming is like magic for your hair: Now you learn “can you bleach permed hair” with the perming process. 

  1. Your hair gets a special lotion. This lotion helps your hair get wavy or curly.
  2. Tiny rollers hug your hair, giving it a huggable shape.
  3. The magic lotion stays on your hair, making the curls stay.

After that, your hair gets a rinse to say bye-bye to extra cream. Now, your hair is ready to show off its new curly style! The best part is perming makes your hair look like a playful dance of curls, and everyone loves a happy hair dance!

Different Styles of Permed Hair

Permed hair can be like a magical adventure for your locks. Imagine you have curls that can be small, like tiny springs, or significant, like fluffy clouds. Some people like their permed hair like tight little spirals, while others want it to be like gentle waves at the beach. There’s even a “body wave” style, where the curls start slightly lower, making it look relaxed and natural. 

You can also have permed hair that mixes tight and loose curls, giving it a playful and fun vibe. And guess what? Curly hair can be short or long, so you can choose the style that makes you feel fabulous and happy! Whether you want curls that dance or waves that whisper, permed hair has classes for everyone.

The Chemistry of Bleaching

The Chemistry of Bleaching

So, bleach is like a little wizard that makes hair lighter. It works by breaking down the color of the hair, making it all bright and shiny. Imagine bleach as a superhero fighting the dark color villains in your hair! This superhero bleach has tiny particles that sneak into the hair and say, “Goodbye, dark color!”

Here’s the super cool part: these tiny particles make friends with the color molecules and take them on a magical journey out of your hair. It’s like a colorful parade but in reverse! So, when people bleach their permed hair, they’re inviting this superhero to create a bright and happy party on their heads. Remember, even superheroes need a gentle touch. Taking care of your hair after the bleach adventure is essential to keep it healthy and happy!

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Precautions for Bleaching Permed Hair

You are taking care of permed hair when bleaching is super important! First, be gentle, like you’re holding a delicate flower. When you decide to bleach, use mild bleach and never leave it on for too long. Shorter time is like being extra cautious. It’s like giving your curly hair a little sun-kiss without staying out too long. 

Make sure to have a grown-up or someone you trust help you – teamwork makes it safer! Remember to keep those permed curls happy and bouncy; use a specific shampoo and conditioner. Finally, if your hair tells you, “I’ve had enough,” listen to it like you would a friend, and don’t force it. It’s all about making sure your permed hair stays fabulous and healthy!

Step-by-Step Guide to Bleaching Permed Hair

Step-by-Step Guide to Bleaching Permed Hair

Bleaching curly hair can be like turning your hair into a sunny rainbow! First, get everything you need: bleach, a bowl, a brush, and gloves to protect your hands. Then, mix the bleach in the bowl – it’s like making a magic potion for your hair! Carefully use the brush to put the bleach on your permed locks, but don’t forget to be gentle, like a soft breeze.

Now, wait patiently, and let the bleach do its dazzling dance on your hair. Like a gentle waterfall, rinse it with water and pat your hair dry with a fluffy towel. Lastly, be kind to your permed hair using conditioner – it’s like giving it a cozy hug. Remember, the key is to be gentle and take it step by step, just like a bit of adventure for your hair!

Maintaining Healthy Permed Locks

Taking care of your curly hair is like giving it lots of hugs! First, comb your curls daily to keep them happy and tangle-free. Use a special shampoo and conditioner for permed hair; they’re superheroes for your rings! Don’t forget to let your hair air dry sometimes – it loves the natural breeze. If you use heat tools, like a hair dryer, be a superhero, too, and use the lowest heat setting to keep your curls safe.

Sleep on a soft pillow to give your permed locks a cozy rest, just like you do. Remember that your hair is like a garden; to keep it solid and glossy, drink lots of water and eat wholesome snacks. Finally, don’t be scared to approach your adult pals for help when needed—they’re also superheroes in hair care!

Common Myths about Bleaching and Permed Hair

Stories about bleaching and curly hair make people scratch their heads. One myth says, “Bleaching ruins permed curls forever!” But guess what? It’s like a friendly game of pretend. Another tale says, “Bleaching makes permed hair super-duper crispy!” Well, that’s just a make-believe snack for hair. Let me tell you, your curls can stay happy with some extra love and care.

A myth says, “Permed hair can’t handle bleach at all!” But here’s the scoop – with proper attention, it can dance with bleach without any fuss. And remember, myths are like silly bedtime stories for hair – genuine care and kindness keep your curly locks shining bright!


Can a perm lighten your hair?

Hair color could be lightened via perms.

Is it OK to dye your hair with a perm?

It is possible to dye your hair after giving it a perm.

What ruins a perm?

Frizz might result from humidity, spoiling your brand-new perm. 

How do you get rid of perm hair fast?

This process can be accelerated by regular micro cuts and the once-weekly use of a deep conditioning mask to weigh down curls. 

What is Korean perm?

Compared to other perms, Korean hair perms usually use softer, more natural-looking curls.


So, to wrap up our hair adventure, permed hair is like a magical dance of curls that brings joy to many. Whether bouncy or loose, curly hair gives a new, exciting look. Caring for these curls is crucial, like watching for a special friend. Now, about the big question: Can you bleach permed hair? It’s like inviting a superhero to a curly party. Bleaching can add a sunny rainbow touch, but remember; this superhero needs extra love and care. So, if you decide to bleach your permed hair, treat it gently and follow the magical steps to keep those curls happy and healthy.


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