How To Post Videos/GIFS To Reddit Using RedGifs


RedGifs lets you share fun videos and moving pictures (GIFs) on Reddit. It’s like showing your favourite TV clips to your friends online. You pick cool videos or GIFs, and RedGifs helps you share them with people on Reddit. It’s fun to enjoy and talk about cool stuff with others.

Discover the fantastic world of sharing videos and cool GIFs on Reddit. Do you want to know how to post videos/GIFs to Reddit using RedGifs? You know it’s super easy and tons of fun. Join the excitement and learn the secrets to share your favourite moments with the Reddit community. Get ready to make Reddit even more awesome with RedGifs.

Posting videos and GIFs on Reddit using RedGifs is simple. First, find an excellent video or GIF you want to share. Then, go to RedGifs and follow their easy steps to upload it. Once it’s uploaded, they’ll give you a link. Copy that link and paste it on Reddit in a post or comment.

Getting Started with RedGifs

You know how to post videos/GIFs to Reddit using RedGifs. RedGifs is a fantastic platform for sharing fun videos and GIFs on it. To begin your exciting journey, follow these easy steps.

  1. Create an Account: First, visit the RedGifs website and make an account. It’s free and quick, like creating a username for your favourite games.
  2. Find Your Cool Video or GIF: Search for the video or GIF you want to share. It could be a funny cat video or a fantastic dance move GIF. You’re picking your favourite candy from a store.
  3. Upload Your Pick: After finding your treasure, upload it to RedGifs. Click the “Upload” button, and it’ll guide you through the process. It’s as simple as playing with building blocks.
  4. Copy the Special Link: RedGifs will give you a unique link after you upload your video or GIF. Copy it like you’d copy your friend’s homework answers.
  5. Share on Reddit: Now, head over to Reddit. Create a post or comment, and paste the link. It’s like telling all your friends about your new toy.

That’s it. You’ve started your RedGifs adventure and can now share awesome videos and GIFs with the world. Have fun.

Preparing Your Awesome Video or GIF

Before you can share a fantastic video or GIF on Reddit using RedGifs, you must ensure it’s ready to go. Here’s how:

Choose Your Cool Content 

Start by finding a video or GIF that you think people will love. It could be a funny moment, a cute animal, or anything that makes you smile.

Check the Format 

Make sure your video or GIF is in a suitable format. RedGifs works best with popular formats like MP4, so check to see if your file is in one of those formats.

Trim or Edit (Optional)

If your video is too long or needs a little touch-up, you can use simple editing software to trim it or make small changes.

Save Your File

Once you’re happy with your video or GIF, please save it to your computer or device to upload to RedGifs later.

Remember, the key is picking something extraordinary that you think others will enjoy. With your video or GIF ready, you’re one step closer to sharing it with the Reddit community.

Uploading Your Media to RedGifs

Uploading Your Media to RedGifs is as easy as pie. Here’s how you can do it step by step.

  • Choose Your Cool Media: Find the video or GIF you want to share. Make sure it’s something fun and exciting.
  • Go to RedGifs: Next, open your web browser and visit the RedGifs website. It’s where the magic happens.
  • Hit the Upload Button: On the RedGifs site, look for a button that says “Upload” or something similar. Click on it to start the process.
  • Select Your File: A window will pop up asking you to choose the file you want to upload. Find your video or GIF on your computer and select it.
  • Wait for It to Upload: RedGifs will work magic and upload your media. This might take a little while, depending on your file size.
  • Get Your Shareable Link: RedGifs will give you a unique link once it’s uploaded. This link is like a key to your video or GIF.
  • Copy the Link: Right-click on it and choose “Copy” to save it to your clipboard.

Now, you’ve successfully uploaded your media to RedGifs. You’re one step closer to sharing it with the world on Reddit.

Copying the Magic Link

Copying the magic link is like grabbing a unique key to open a treasure chest. Once you upload your excellent video or GIF to RedGifs, they give you a special link. This link is like a secret code that lets you share your video or GIF on Reddit.

To copy it, all you have to do is:

  • Find the link provided by RedGifs. It usually says “Copy Link” or has a symbol resembling two pieces of paper.
  • Click on it once. It’s like picking up the key.
  • If you’re on a computer, you can also press the right mouse button and choose “Copy” from the menu that appears. This is another way to grab the key.
  • If you’re on a phone or tablet, tap and hold the link, then select “Copy” when it pops up.

Now, you’ve got the magic link ready to use on Reddit. It’s like having the key to the treasure chest, and you’re about to share the riches with everyone on Reddit.

Sharing on Reddit

Once you have your excellent video or GIF ready on RedGifs, it’s time to share it on Reddit. Here’s how you can make your post step by step.

Go to Reddit

First, open Reddit and log in to your account. You’ll need to create an account if you don’t have one.

Choose a Subreddit

Find a subreddit where you want to share your video or GIF. Subreddits are like different rooms for different topics.

Create a New Post

Click on the “Create Post” button within your chosen subreddit.

Select Post Type

Choose the “Link” option. This is where you’ll paste the magic link from RedGifs.

Add a Title

Give your post an exciting title that tells people what your video or GIF is about. Be creative.

Paste the Link

In the “URL” or “Link” box, paste the unique link you copied from RedGifs.

Post It

Everyone in that subreddit will get to see your video or GIF once you hit the “Post” button. 

Now, you’ve shared your excellent content on Reddit for others to enjoy.

Enjoying Your Shared Video or GIF on Reddit Using RedGifs

Once you’ve shared your fantastic video or GIF on Reddit using RedGifs, it’s time to enjoy the fun and reactions from the Reddit community. Here’s what happens.

Views and Upvotes

People on Reddit will see your post and watch your video or GIF. If they like it, they can give it an “upvote” to show appreciation.


You might get comments from other Reddit users. They might ask questions, share their thoughts, or even tell you how much they loved your post.


Your post could spark discussions and conversations. It’s a great way to connect with people who share your interests.


If your content is fantastic, you might even receive awards like gold, silver, or platinum, like digital medals for your post.


People might share your post with others, spreading the joy even further.

So, posting on Reddit with RedGifs isn’t about sharing; it’s about connecting with a community that appreciates your offer. Enjoy the ride.


Can I post videos and GIFs to Reddit using RedGifs?

Yes, you can! RedGifs makes it easy to share videos and GIFs on Reddit.

Do I need an account on RedGifs to post on Reddit?

You’ll need a RedGifs account to upload your videos and GIFs.

How do I upload my media to RedGifs?

After signing in:

  • Click the “Upload” button on RedGifs.
  • Select your video or GIF.
  • Follow the prompts.

What’s the link I need for Reddit?

After uploading, RedGifs provides a link. Copy this link to share on Reddit.

Are there any rules to follow when posting on Reddit with RedGifs?

Yes, Reddit has guidelines, so be sure your content follows their rules to keep things friendly and respectful.


In conclusion, How to Post Videos/GIFS to Reddit Using RedGifs. Using RedGifs to post videos and GIFs on Reddit is simple and fun. It’s like sharing your favourite TV clips with friends online. To start, find an excellent video or GIF you want to share. Then, create a RedGifs account, upload your media, and get a unique sharing link. Next, head to Reddit, pick a suitable subreddit, make a post, and paste your RedGifs link.

Now, people on Reddit can enjoy your content. They might upvote it, leave comments, or even award it. This process is a fantastic way to connect with others who share your interests and passions. So, embrace the joy of sharing and dive into the Reddit community with RedGifs. Have a blast sharing your favourite videos and GIFs, and relish the interactions and connections you’ll make. It’s a beautiful journey of online discovery and enjoyment.

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