Story of Yeji Itz: A Simple Biography for Kids


Yeji Itzy is a fantastic singer and dancer in ITZY, a famous K-pop group. She’s youthful and enjoys performing on large platforms. She’s well-liked by many because she’s skilled at what she does and always wears a smile.

Hey there, young reader! Are you curious to know about someone awesome? Well, get ready to dive into the exciting world of Yeji, a talented and fantastic girl from the popular K-pop group ITZY! Imagine a world filled with music, dance, and lots of fun – the world Yeji Itzy lives in. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the incredible life of Yeji Itzy in words that are super easy to understand!     

Early Life and Childhood of Yeji Itzy

Early Life and Childhood of Yeji Itzy

On May 26, 2000, Yeji Itzy was born in South Korea. Her family showered her with love when she was a little infant. She smiled as they played games with her. Yeji had a loving family who encouraged her dreams. She enjoyed playing with toys and attending school, where she made many friends because she was always friendly and fun.

As she grew, Yeji Itzy went to school and made friends. She loved to sing and dance. At home, she would dance around and pretend to be a superstar. Little did she know that these childhood dances would lead her to become a part of the famous ITZY group. Yeji’s early years were full of happiness and the start of something unique!

Yeji Itzy Discovering a Love for Dance

Yeji Itzy

During her early years, Yeji Itzy had a magical encounter that would shape her life – she fell in love with dancing. It all began when she saw a mesmerizing dance performance. The music’s beat and the graceful moves of the dancers filled her with excitement. It was like a secret language only she understood. Inspired by this enchanting moment, she began dancing everywhere – in her room. 

As Yeji Itzy grew older, her passion for dance grew stronger. She decided to take formal dance lessons to learn new and exciting dance moves. Every day, she devoted hours to practicing. Her hard work and dedication paid off when she auditioned for a famous K-pop group, ITZY. They were not impressed but shocked by her remarkable dancing skills. In a turn of events that felt almost like a fairy tale, she was invited to join ITZY. Her dream of becoming a professional dancer and performing on grand stages had come true!    

Yeji Itzy Joining ITZY – A Dream Come True

When Yeji Itzy was a little girl, she loved to sing and dance. She practiced every day and became promising. Then, one particular day, she went to an audition, and the judges saw how amazing she was. They thought she was perfect for ITZY. Yeji’s announcement that she would join the group delighted her. She was thrilled to show off her talent to everyone, considering it a dream come true.

The day Yeji joined ITZY was a pleasant day. She met the other members, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna. They became good friends and started practicing and performing together. Fans called “MIDZY” were so excited to see Yeji Itzy in the group. Yeji Itzy worked hard to make sure every show was perfect. She loved singing and dancing on stage, and the fans loved watching her. Being in ITZY was like a dream come true for Yeji, and she was so happy to share her music with the world. 

The Magic of Performing Yeji Itzy

Yeji Itzy

Performing is like an extraordinary thing. When Yeji Itzy goes on stage, it feels like magic. She wears pretty, shiny clothes and dances with lots of energy. Many people come to see her sing and dance, and they clap and cheer. It’s like a big, happy party! Yeji practices a lot to be very good. Watching her feels exciting and fun like you’re part of the magic too!

But performing isn’t about being on stage. It’s also about working with her friends in ITZY to make extraordinary shows. They practice together to get everything right. Yeji Itzy and her friends want everything to be perfect for their fans. They adore seeing joyful faces in the crowd. Their performances are more than songs and dances—they express joy and love to everyone. It’s a special feeling that makes everyone happy!

Yeji Itzy Being a Role Model

Yeji Itzy Being a Role Model

Being a role model means that Yeji Itzy is someone special. She shows everyone how to be kind, work hard, and follow dreams. When you look up to Yeji, you see someone always smiling and helping others. She teaches us that it’s essential to be friendly and caring. Yeji’s positive attitude makes her a fantastic role model for kids like you! 

Yeji is like a big sister to many people. She sings and dances well and practices a lot to be the best. By watching her, we learn that practice and determination can make us good at what we love, too! Yeji teaches us that making errors is a necessary part of the learning process and helps us to develop. She teaches us how to be strong, kind, and self-assured, besides how to be excellent at what we do. For this reason, she is an incredible inspiration!


What is Yeji’s real name? 

Yeji’s real name is Hwang Yeji. It’s her birth name.

How old is Yeji from ITZY?

Yeji Itzy was born on May 26, 2000, which makes her [age] years old.

Where is Yeji Itzyfrom? 

Yeji Itzyis is from South Korea, a country in Asia.

How did Yeji become a K-pop star? 

Yeji Itzytrained and practiced her singing and dancing for a long time, then auditioned for JYP Entertainment. She got selected and became a trainee, debuting with ITZY.

What are some of Yeji’s favorite hobbies?

Yeji Itzyl loves to dance, sing, and even do cool rap. She enjoys performing, practicing new dances, and spending time with ITZY friends.


So, that’s the story of Yeji Itzy from ITZY! She performs as a dancer and singer for a well-known K-pop group. She works hard and always smiles, which is why kids like you love her. Yeji was spoiled by her family when she was a youngster, and as she grew older, she pursued her ambitions of singing and dancing. Her passion for dancing brought her to ITZY, where she makes people happy with her music by performing on large stages. She’s a fantastic example of how enthusiasm and perseverance can realize goals.

Performing for Yeji Itzy is like magic. It’s like a big, happy party when she sings and dances on stage! She practices a lot with her friends in ITZY to ensure their shows are perfect. Yeji Itzyentertains people and teaches us to be kind, work hard, and follow our dreams. She’s like a big sister, showing us we can achieve anything with determination and a positive attitude. Yeji’s story reminds us that no goal is too big, and we can make our goals shine like she does on stage with effort!

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