Who is Yasmin Abdallah?


Yasmin Abdallah is a lady fashion designer. She is from Australia. Yasmin is a former celebrity wife. She is most known as the ex-wife of actor Rufus Frederik. Yasmin is also the co-founder of a company named Etre Cecile and is a fashion director at style.com. 

Get ready to meet Yasmin Abdallah, the fashion star from Australia, with an exciting story. She was married to a famous actor, Rufus Frederik, and now she’s a fashion designer and runs a company called Etre Cecile. On top of all that, she’s the fashion boss at style.com. Yasmin’s life is full of exciting twists, and we’re about to dive into her world. 

Quick Facts of Yasmin Abdallah

Yasmin Abdallah
Full NameYasmin Abdallah
Marital StatusTwice Married
BirthplaceSydney, Australia
ProfessionFashion Designer
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
SpouseRufus Frederik Sewell, Kyle Robinson
ChildrenKnox and Renzo

Yasmin Abdallah Salary & Net Worth

Yasmin Abdallah

Yasmin Abdallah‘s high profile in the fashion industry contributes to her six-figure net worth. But the precise quantity of the money and her income have yet to be discovered. Because he has been in the fashion journalism business for a long time, Abdallah earns a good income doing his job.

Prestigious businesses, including Mulberry, Maje, Westfield, and Hermes, currently use Abdallah. She owned the sports luxury brand Terre Cécile and was Style.com’s fashion director. So, she either earns a stable salary or makes money through her job and leads an opulent lifestyle. Yasmin Abdallah‘s boutique was listed as one of the most renowned stores in the world by The New York Times.

Yasmin Abdallah Childhood

She is in her forties and was born in Sydney, Australia, in the late 1970s. About her parents, siblings, and early years, nothing is known. Abdallah revealed in an interview that her mother had once worked in a hair salon.

Abdallah is a citizen of Australia and is of Lebanese-Australian descent. She enrolled in the school in her hometown but left at sixteen. Yasmin was sure she would get employment in the fashion sector and was adamant about achieving her goals.

Husband & Divorce in Yasmin Abdallah’s Life

Husband & Divorce in Yasmin Abdallah's Life

In her private life, Yasmin Abdallah has been in two marriages. Her first husband was an actor by the name of Rufus Frederik Sewell. After dating for a year, the former couple tied the knot on March 24, 1999. Before their 2000 divorce, Abdallah and Rufus Sewell were wed for nine months. Up until now, the real reason behind their breakup has remained a mystery.

After divorcing Yasmin, She married her second husband, movie actor Kyle Robinson. The couple is happy together even if the details of their wedding day have yet to be made public. The couple’s two children, Knox and Renzo, surround the family. Other than that, this gifted woman is the subject of no rumors or discussions. She currently has a happy life with her spouse and kids.

Yasmin Abdallah’s new husband, Kyle Robinson

Yasmin Abdallah's new husband, Kyle Robinson

Following their breakup, Yasmin married Kyle Robinson, an Australian citizen. They are enjoying their happy married life together.

The pair also has two children in married life. The name of her children is Knox and Renzo. The team is still together and enjoying their married life. There have been no rumors or whispers up until now about this talented woman. We hope she will lead a long, fulfilling life and have an incredible career.


Does Rufus Sewell have any children?

William Douglas Sewell, their son, was born in 2002. Sewell and Ami Komai also have a daughter, Lola, born in 2013.

What color are Rufus Sewell’s eyes?

Sewell is well-known for his stunning dark green eyes, and his intense stare in the photo reflects his dominance in his parts in the movie business. 

Does Rufus Sewell have a brother?

Yes, Rufus has a brother whose name is Caspar Sewell.

How tall is Rufus Sewell?

Rufus Sewell has been 1.83m tall.

What is Rufus Sewell’s date of birth?

Rufus Sewell’s date of birth is October 29, 1967.


Yasmin Abdallah is a famous fashion designer from Australia. She was once married to a famous actor named Rufus Frederik. She is now known for starting her own company, Etre Cecile, and working as a fashion director at style.com. Her life is exciting.

Yasmin has worked with big brands like Mulberry, Maje, Westfield, and Hermes. Although we don’t know exactly how much money she has, we can tell she’s doing very well in the fashion world. She even had a famous boutique that The New York Times recognized as one of the best stores in the world.

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